Sunday, October 13, 2013

Fall, Family and Football

This week the kids and I enjoyed the fall weather and colors outside, we even made it to a park before the rain hit. We also went to Wyoming to see Daniel's brother, Tui play high school football. I have to say that he is doing awesome this year, especially for his senior year. He has over 1,000 rushing yards, the most in the state and was just crowned Homecoming King, must be rough Tui, must be rough. :) We also went to the White Out, Utah State game. This week for fall break we are off to Idaho while Daniel travels to New Mexico with the team. Until next time....

Fall colors in Cache Valley

 Castle Park
Here is our little singer getting ready for the Primary Program next month
Uncle Deen and Elise
 Tui's game
 Our snow queen at the game
 Carter wearing lots and lots of layers, Wyoming is FREEZING!
 Tui being congratulated on playing so well
 Hugs from all his uncles, brothers and family that traveled to see him play
Here is a video of Tui from last weeks game when he scored 30 out of the total 44 points, pretty impressive. He is #6
"Hey I'm the new Jan Brady"
 Carter looking groovy
 Elise having a play date with her cousin Jaz
 Daniel and nephew
 Ready for the Utah State game
 Mommy and Carter
Go Aggies!
 Elise and Uncle Dayna having fun at the game
 USU Game
 Fun time with Poppa

 This is pretty much how we feel about this weekend, fun, but exhausting

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  1. Seriously I cannot handle how cute your kids are! I love the wig and I think I need to borrow it. I laughed out loud at the "I'm the new Jan Brady" comment. Ha! Also I am obsessed with the outfit you have Elise in for the white out game - can we say Gap Ad? You and Carter look so freaking cute as well. I need to visit soon - Cache Valley looks beautiful. Have a fun fall break and I will talk to you soon.