Sunday, October 6, 2013

"Who You Gonna Call...Ghostbusters"

That's right it's October and that means I am all about two things: Halloween and Fall time. The trees are starting to turn and the decorations are up. Halloween attire is out and costumes have been chosen. This past week we decorated the house, had a quick visit to surprise Daniel's family and my parents came to town for the big USU vs BYU game. Which was super sad when our Quarterback Chuckie Keeton got hurt and will now be out for the remainder of the season. Um I'm still sad :(  I guess that is just what happens in the football world, we'll see what the rest of the season will bring.

My Halloween Tree: I seriously love my bat lights and witch hats
My Halloween Bookshelf
Kiddos showing off their cute Halloween Jammies
Maybe they were too excited
Fall colors on our way to Wyoming
 Kids playing with Auntie Emerly
 Ya know just a little dancing with Grandpa in the aisles at the grocery store
 The kids all ready to watch Poppa on TV for the San Jose State game
 "Mommy can we watch the game like this?"
Our very own Princess Elise with Princess Elise Magnets at the store
A little Mall fun before the USU vs BYU game
 Carter wants to go into space
 "I want a cooooool rider...."
 Trying to get a picture at the game
 but they just wanted to eat popcorn
Grammy was a HUGE help! Helped me plan snacks, activities for the kids and she even helped with mean fans coming late and trying to take seats. Good times! Right Mom?
Such a handsome little guy.
 Sold out crowd
 Elise and Skipper when it started to get chilly
A nice fall walk with the kids
 walk, I meant running away....
Or fighting with sticks......remember when they used to sit nicely in their stroller when we went on walks? Ha ha!
My favorite poser
Calmly walking home, whew :)
Until next time....


  1. Yay for Fall and Halloween. Um - I am beyond jealous of your cute lights on your tree. Hmm...I might need those for my house and Halloween tree. Cute jammies and cute kiddos. Sorry about Chuckie and the mean fans. I am glad that you and mom were rude to them. And yeah that last picture of the kids is fabulous.

  2. That was a good time. Thanks for hosting. I love the cute pictures.