Saturday, November 30, 2013

A Thanksgiving Feast!

This year we decided to stay home and invite friends and family to join us for our Thanksgiving Feast. Elise also had a Thanksgiving Feast at her school, it was cute they made pilgrim hats and ate bread, pretzels, olives, and grapes.  We ate lots of yummy food at both events and had fun spending time with friends and family. Earlier in the week we were able to spend the day with some of our Idaho cousins and play at the park, the kids had a blast, they can't wait to play with them again soon! We are now looking forward to this week of decorating the house and getting into the Christmas Spirit. Until next time...

My little Turkeys
 Ready for Thanksgiving
 Kindergarten Feast

 The kids didn't love the olives very much, so they played with them instead
 Jack and Elise
 Here are all of Elise's Thanksgiving school projects
Thanksgiving Day: Kiddos coloring their "What Am I Thankful For" pictures, while waiting for the food to finish.
The Kids: Kalena, Elise, Carter, the twins, Pomai, Jen and Natalie
 The Decor

 All done
 The Boys: BJ and Eldon, so sad they had to watch football on a tiny screen, ha!
 Me and Hea grabbing a quick pic together :)
 Almost ready to eat!
 Patiently waiting at the kids table
 Most of our group: Thanksgiving Dinner
 And after, time for a jam session
It was sunny enough to hit the park probably for the last time. Thanks for the visit guys! Here are cousins Lexi and Carter, they are super cute when they play together.

 Elise and Addison

 Leighton and Austin
 I like the mountains in the background: Addison and Elise

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Like Primary Programs and Cookies, So Are the Days of My Life...

This week the kiddos and I made a quick over night trip to Salt Lake. Elise got to have a sleep over with her Bestie Kalena, and even on a school night, geez I am such a nice mom! I got to hang out with my sister Whitney and my friend Anuhea, it was a short trip, but definitely worth while. 
Last Sunday was our ward's primary program. Elise did great and Daniel and I had to sing a solo. I am sure I have had a solo at church once before, but I do not remember it and I was so nervous. I have always liked to sing, but normally in a choir setting. Daniel's parents who are very musically talented came to show their support and even helped me practice. All in all my solo experience went very well and I am glad I was able to do it.  As for us, football season is winding down and Utah State has just a few games left. We are also getting ready for Thanksgiving next week. We are staying home and the Wyoming Magalogo fam will join us. Gobble Gobble!

Elise and Carter playing with the cool Juke Box at Woodys in Salt Lake
This makes me laugh, this is Carters I don't want you to take my picture face
Now he is happy: Eating a yummy dinner with Whitney, Trevor and Miss Bailey
Besties: Matching, check. Teddy Bears, check. Time for movie and bed, check. These girls really are so cute together, I love listening to them tell stories, play games and dress up as princesses.
 Elise got fake princess nails (they fell off about 5 minutes later)
 After school play time at Elise's school
 All ready for the Primary Program
A Ninja Turtle cookie? Carter was SOOOOO excited we had to buy it.
This made him want to make sugar cookies, he was a great helper and already getting in the holiday spirit.
My reading girl! Well, not totally, but she is learning new sight words every day

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Gobble Gobble, the countdown is on...

This week was pretty mellow, school, work, football, and an occasional dance party. We had some pretty nice weather and got to play outside. Next week will be more of the same hopefully minus the 3 day migraine I had, so fingers crossed! Enjoy a few pics and videos.

Pretty Elise (I think this might be a framer)
 Kiddos outside
 Bike riding time
Probably my favorite video of all time: This is for all the It's a Wonderful Life fans out there
And Goonies fans too (Truffle Shuffle)
Utah State Game vs. Hawaii (We won!) Grandpa and Grandma came down

Eating some yummy popcorn. (Popped it at home and bought some cups at the store) Genius! Thanks Mom
 Grandpa, Carter and Grandma at the game
Most of the Magalogo group
 Being Patriotic
More TV Show Theme Songs
Dance Party

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Halloween Fun!

Happy Halloween from a Princess (Cinderella) and a Knight in Shining Armor! This year was fun and super busy. We started the week with a Halloween Carnival at church, then Carving pumpkins at home, Elise's school party, a Halloween Parade, Trick or Treating at our favorite grocery store and finally the main event: Trick or Treating the neighborhood. Whew! Good times! We are catching up on sleep with the time change and eating lots of candy. Can't wait for next year's Halloween!


 Halloween Carnival

 Face Painting
 Elise's turn

 Whac -A-Mole, with people, ha!
 Carving Pumpkins
 We each took turns painting
 Elise's spooky skull
 The finished result: One is Mike from Monsters Inc for Carter and a painted Boo by me
 Video of Pumpkins at night
 Kindergarten Party
 Elise waiting in line to bowl
 Pumpkin Bowling: So cute!
 Elise's friend Owen taking a turn
 School Halloween Parade: I love that Elise is waving just as a Princess should
Trick or Treating at the grocery store. Seriously the best and I mean that: They come home with carrots, string cheese, popcorn, chocolate milk, cookies, little sodas, goldfish and a glowing eyeball. Awesome
 Haunted House in the back
 Elise and 50s Mommy all ready to head out (Had to dress a little warmer)
 Me and the kiddos
Oh and here's a shout out to my niece Bailey: The best dressed this year: Audrey Hepburn's character from Breakfast at Tiffanys. Amazing!