Sunday, November 10, 2013

Gobble Gobble, the countdown is on...

This week was pretty mellow, school, work, football, and an occasional dance party. We had some pretty nice weather and got to play outside. Next week will be more of the same hopefully minus the 3 day migraine I had, so fingers crossed! Enjoy a few pics and videos.

Pretty Elise (I think this might be a framer)
 Kiddos outside
 Bike riding time
Probably my favorite video of all time: This is for all the It's a Wonderful Life fans out there
And Goonies fans too (Truffle Shuffle)
Utah State Game vs. Hawaii (We won!) Grandpa and Grandma came down

Eating some yummy popcorn. (Popped it at home and bought some cups at the store) Genius! Thanks Mom
 Grandpa, Carter and Grandma at the game
Most of the Magalogo group
 Being Patriotic
More TV Show Theme Songs
Dance Party

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  1. Amazing is the word that comes to mind - and hilarious when I read this post and watch the videos. I love the truffle shuffle and the video of Elise is maybe the best thing I have ever seen. It's so fantastic. Great pics and super fun dance party. Can we have one together soon please?! :)