Sunday, November 3, 2013

Halloween Fun!

Happy Halloween from a Princess (Cinderella) and a Knight in Shining Armor! This year was fun and super busy. We started the week with a Halloween Carnival at church, then Carving pumpkins at home, Elise's school party, a Halloween Parade, Trick or Treating at our favorite grocery store and finally the main event: Trick or Treating the neighborhood. Whew! Good times! We are catching up on sleep with the time change and eating lots of candy. Can't wait for next year's Halloween!


 Halloween Carnival

 Face Painting
 Elise's turn

 Whac -A-Mole, with people, ha!
 Carving Pumpkins
 We each took turns painting
 Elise's spooky skull
 The finished result: One is Mike from Monsters Inc for Carter and a painted Boo by me
 Video of Pumpkins at night
 Kindergarten Party
 Elise waiting in line to bowl
 Pumpkin Bowling: So cute!
 Elise's friend Owen taking a turn
 School Halloween Parade: I love that Elise is waving just as a Princess should
Trick or Treating at the grocery store. Seriously the best and I mean that: They come home with carrots, string cheese, popcorn, chocolate milk, cookies, little sodas, goldfish and a glowing eyeball. Awesome
 Haunted House in the back
 Elise and 50s Mommy all ready to head out (Had to dress a little warmer)
 Me and the kiddos
Oh and here's a shout out to my niece Bailey: The best dressed this year: Audrey Hepburn's character from Breakfast at Tiffanys. Amazing!


  1. A very good time you are all having! It looks like a lot of fun and all three kids look so cute!!

  2. What a fantastic Halloween you all had! The kids look amazing. Elise is so beautiful and Carter is so handsome and it's clear where Elise gets her looks. You look gorgeous! Glad you had fun and I love that Bailey made the blog post. Super fun!

  3. how cute!!!!!! Elise looks gorgeous (of course)!! I sure miss you!

  4. How did that kindergarten party go? Such fun. My favorite time of the year after Christmas for sure.