Thursday, November 21, 2013

Like Primary Programs and Cookies, So Are the Days of My Life...

This week the kiddos and I made a quick over night trip to Salt Lake. Elise got to have a sleep over with her Bestie Kalena, and even on a school night, geez I am such a nice mom! I got to hang out with my sister Whitney and my friend Anuhea, it was a short trip, but definitely worth while. 
Last Sunday was our ward's primary program. Elise did great and Daniel and I had to sing a solo. I am sure I have had a solo at church once before, but I do not remember it and I was so nervous. I have always liked to sing, but normally in a choir setting. Daniel's parents who are very musically talented came to show their support and even helped me practice. All in all my solo experience went very well and I am glad I was able to do it.  As for us, football season is winding down and Utah State has just a few games left. We are also getting ready for Thanksgiving next week. We are staying home and the Wyoming Magalogo fam will join us. Gobble Gobble!

Elise and Carter playing with the cool Juke Box at Woodys in Salt Lake
This makes me laugh, this is Carters I don't want you to take my picture face
Now he is happy: Eating a yummy dinner with Whitney, Trevor and Miss Bailey
Besties: Matching, check. Teddy Bears, check. Time for movie and bed, check. These girls really are so cute together, I love listening to them tell stories, play games and dress up as princesses.
 Elise got fake princess nails (they fell off about 5 minutes later)
 After school play time at Elise's school
 All ready for the Primary Program
A Ninja Turtle cookie? Carter was SOOOOO excited we had to buy it.
This made him want to make sugar cookies, he was a great helper and already getting in the holiday spirit.
My reading girl! Well, not totally, but she is learning new sight words every day


  1. Sounds like fun. I love to see Elise reading!! I really love Carter's no picture please face!

  2. Elise reading was amazing!!! How cool and smart is she?! Love that girl. I also love Carter's no pictures face. It was great to see you for a few. You are the best!