Saturday, November 30, 2013

A Thanksgiving Feast!

This year we decided to stay home and invite friends and family to join us for our Thanksgiving Feast. Elise also had a Thanksgiving Feast at her school, it was cute they made pilgrim hats and ate bread, pretzels, olives, and grapes.  We ate lots of yummy food at both events and had fun spending time with friends and family. Earlier in the week we were able to spend the day with some of our Idaho cousins and play at the park, the kids had a blast, they can't wait to play with them again soon! We are now looking forward to this week of decorating the house and getting into the Christmas Spirit. Until next time...

My little Turkeys
 Ready for Thanksgiving
 Kindergarten Feast

 The kids didn't love the olives very much, so they played with them instead
 Jack and Elise
 Here are all of Elise's Thanksgiving school projects
Thanksgiving Day: Kiddos coloring their "What Am I Thankful For" pictures, while waiting for the food to finish.
The Kids: Kalena, Elise, Carter, the twins, Pomai, Jen and Natalie
 The Decor

 All done
 The Boys: BJ and Eldon, so sad they had to watch football on a tiny screen, ha!
 Me and Hea grabbing a quick pic together :)
 Almost ready to eat!
 Patiently waiting at the kids table
 Most of our group: Thanksgiving Dinner
 And after, time for a jam session
It was sunny enough to hit the park probably for the last time. Thanks for the visit guys! Here are cousins Lexi and Carter, they are super cute when they play together.

 Elise and Addison

 Leighton and Austin
 I like the mountains in the background: Addison and Elise


  1. Loved the pics of the kids! We had a great time, see you guys in a couple of weeks!

  2. Jealous as always of the quality cousin time. Come visit us!