Friday, December 6, 2013

Mountain West Championship

Last weekend Utah State beat Wyoming to make it into the Mountain West Championship Game. Everybody was excited to see if they would win that a lot of Daniel's family came to our last home game. This week we got the house decorated for Christmas and Daniel headed to California with the team for the big championship game. As for me I got a fancy new cell phone after a 5 year absence (my early Christmas present) oh and that's right I did say 5 YEARS and I am so happy to be back in the club. Also the weather has been snowy and FREEZING! Single digit temperatures and more snow is on the way. Good times! Until next week....

Mommy & Elise at the Game
 Cousins, Elise and Grandpa
 Grandpa, Carter and Grandma
 Deen and Tui enjoying the game
 Kenny and Emerly
 More fun with Grandpa
Everybody rushing the field at the end of the game
Most of the Magalogo group
 Now onto Christmas: The countdown is on! Decorating the tree

 They love Frosty
 All done!
My sweet Twilight Ornament, I got it last year for a white elephant gift. I love it, makes me smile:)
I love this quilt we got last year from my Aunt Lynell, it is proudly displayed on the wall
 Our Buddy the Elf has returned!
 Christmas Bookshelf
She gets to wear Christmas colors and outfits to school :)
Rocking her sweet Christmas gift bow I made :)
 Carter trying to stay warm this week: It has been freezing!
 Took the kids to see Frozen since it is freezing outside anyway, ha!
Some fun with Poppa before he left
 Until next week!


  1. Looks exciting and fun at your house. Very great looking kids!

  2. So festive and fun! Love your tree, stockings and Frosty. I love that Frosty and am beyond jealous you own it. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...I can hardly wait. See you soon!