Sunday, January 12, 2014

Poinsettia Bowl Game: Day 4

On our last day in San Diego the temperature was 76 degrees. We spent the morning packing and then went on a nice family walk. Next we went to the Poinsettia Bowl Game at the stadium where the San Diego Chargers play. It was very surreal. This was the most fun game we have ever been to. I think because we were so close, it made the atmosphere amazing and the kids cheered and loved it too. Or maybe it was the fact that we won, ha! All in all this was a great vacation and we miss the sunshine, the ocean and swimming, but we are so happy we were able to experience all of these wonderful memories.  Truly unforgettable. Good job Utah State Football Team, we can't wait for next season. Go Aggies!!!!

A nice family walk before the big game

Carter and Elise at the Poinsettia Bowl game
 Yay! We found Poppa on the field, the kids were very excited

 Daniel working hard on the field
 Kids hanging out with the mascot Blue

 Elise loved being at the game and so close to all her cheerleader friends
 Watching the game
Halftime Fireworks show

In case anyone cares here is a paused shot from the game (The kids and I are circled on the left, Elise is wearing a white hat). That's right we are famous!
I caught our first touchdown on camera. Sorry for the super loud scream, but hey it was exciting!!!
 Everybody celebrating our win! Go Aggies! I can't wait for the Bowl Ring!
Here is a 5 minute highlight video from the game
Thanks again to all the cheerleaders for being the best babysitters for the kids.
 This was Elise's favorite, Sadie
 Carter liked ALL of them :)
And that was our trip to San Diego! For a quick top ten list check out this:

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  1. So fun! And it was a great game. Great pics as always.