Thursday, January 9, 2014

San Diego Zoo, Christmas: Day 3

Merry Christmas! On Christmas morning the kids had a few presents to open and then we headed to a group breakfast at 8:00am with everybody from our bowl party. Carter got to hang out with the Mascot Blue, Elise got to see the cheerleaders and the kids got Utah State hats from Santa. Next we decided to go swimming, because of course that is what you do Christmas morning, ha!  After lunch we headed to the San Diego Zoo which can I just say again was soooooo busy! The kids were happy to see some of their favorite animals, the Rhino, the Zebra and Gorilla. Good times!

Santa found us in San Diego! He also stopped at Grammy and Skipper's house in Idaho :)
 Opening presents

 Oh yeah!
 Christmas morning breakfast

 Hanging out with Blue

 I think I might need to frame this one

 Swimming with Poppa

 A new plumeria for the zoo
 Our bus

 Elise and her friend Elsie on the trip
 I thought maybe he was a little too close to us

 Carter pointing at all the animals on our bus tour
 Giraffes (with 2 little ones) One was born in May and one was only 4 days old.


 Hanging with a Gorilla (he is in the back, sleeping)
 I thought this was cool

 Sunset on our way home
 And that was day three! Merry Christmas!

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