Wednesday, January 8, 2014

SeaWorld's Christmas Celebration: Day 2

Christmas Eve Morning we went on a nice long walk to the ocean. On our walk I discovered a Plumeria tree. These flowers I had not smelled since my days in Hawaii. They smelled amazing and from then on I wore a flower every where we went. Our next stop was SeaWorld, which to my surprise was completely packed on Christmas Eve. We saw lots of animals and went to the Blue Horizon Show (Dolphins), Madagascar Live (the one the kids would not stop talking about in anticipation for our trip) and we ended SeaWorld with Shamu's Christmas (with live music and Christmas Hymns). Afterwards we went back to our hotel and did some of our Christmas traditions. We fed the Reindeer, which was pretty funny on the 9th floor (I was laughing the whole time) and the kids got new Christmas jammies. It was a great day, but I have to say watching the kids faces while they watched Madagascar Live was priceless, I even teared up a little. Anyways....that is day two of our adventure.

Christmas Eve morning, our routine of enjoying the sunshine on the balcony
Elise and Mommy
Out for a walk
I liked this little hut we found
Taking a break from walking (Mommy it is too hot, lol)
I let Elise take one photo of me
Front of our hotel (kids are on the right)
Dreamy (My Plumerias)
Our hotel room
On our way to SeaWorld
The kids got so excited to see their favorite football player: Chuckie Keeton. When Carter saw him he said, "'re Chuckie Keeton, I know you, Hi Chuckie Keeton." It was pretty cute :)
Family shot
Our welcome party at SeaWorld

Beluga Whales
Ready for the Blue Horizon show to start

The dolphin was saying hi

 It was too sunny for Elise
This was Carter's face during the entire show
She always wanted to study the map
Pretty cool
Madagascar Live
 Front row baby!
Kids were in heaven

Shamu's Christmas

Christmas Eve Jammies
Reindeer Food
Feeding the Reindeer on the 9th floor

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  1. Smart kids always study the maps! So precious - what a memorable Christmas! Love love love it! I like exclamation points!