Sunday, January 5, 2014

You Stay Classy San Diego: Day 1

Well, it wasn't a dream. We took a family/business trip with the Utah State University Football Team for the Poinsettia Bowl Game over the week of Christmas. Where did it take us? To a magical place without snow, it is called California.  We left late the Sunday before Christmas, due to the weather. When we finally left it was nearing 12:00am. We landed in San Diego, made it to our hotel, the Sheraton Marina and crashed. We awoke the next morning opened our curtains, went out onto our balcony and felt, wait for it....sunshine! It was amazing. You never know how great the sun feels until you don't have it for a long time and you are in the dead of winter. Anyways, we then went down to the hotel pool and hot tub and swam for about 3 hours. The kids were in heaven. After lunch we walked around the marina and explored our surroundings. Later we walked to the ocean, like I said before, the first day was so gorgeous. For the record for our entire trip I never saw one cloud in the sky. So here it is, pictures of our first day. I know I know lots of pictures, but how could I stop myself in a place soooooo beautiful?! Enjoy! More posts to come...

This was the kids jumping up and down in excitement when they first saw our private plane
 They were so happy to finally get to go to California
 Elise's first plane ride
 Carter was tired, but was excited to take off
Our morning view
 First morning balcony shot
 The Hotel Pool
 Swimming Fun

 Walking around the marina
 Getting a little lunch overlooking the marina
 They wanted to go on the boats

 So we sweet talked our way into the locked portion of the marina
 and then onto a boat :)

 The Pacific Ocean

 Was it really Christmas time? Posing in the hotel lobby
 Downtown San Diego at night

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