Monday, March 3, 2014

Playing Catch Up

Here are some pictures from right before we moved and from the last two weeks. We are finally getting all settled in and we even had our first out of town visitors. We can't wait for more people to come and visit our new place. I still feel like I am behind on laundry and decorating, but it will all come in time. One new thing is that Elise and Carter have had several friends ask for play dates (maybe it is called something else now that they are getting older). Elise and Carter have both had two so far. It's fun that they are starting to hang out with friends from school. Other updates, Daniel had a choir concert where he looked very sharp in his tuxedo. We are patiently waiting for Elise's first tooth to fall out. I am thinking it will be any day now.  Elise has been dressing up at school and Carter loves everything he is learning in preschool. Last week he told us all about space and constellations. It was cute. Until next time.

Talofa! Our little Samoan girl for cultural day at school
Here is a little crafty project I did: A hair bow holder

Ta Da!
A cousin sleepover before the move
Tasi teaching Elise a Polynesian dance
Herm's Inn: Great Food
I love their mason jars for drinks
Carter and Poppa

Downstairs they have pictures of past Aggie Football players. Pretty cool
Daniel looking handsome in his tuxedo for his concert
Elise dressed up as a 100 year old lady for her 100th day of school
Poppa and his Old Lady
Playdate at Carter's friend Max's house
Shooting hoops

Elise, Max and Carter
 First time at the park in months, yay!

Carter looking oh so cool, riding some kids skateboard at the park
Carter helping Mommy in the yard on a sunny day
 Our first chance playing on our swing in our backyard
 Carter's turn
 Looking snazzy for a rainy day

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  1. I can't wait to come up and play at your new house. So fun and exciting. We will definitely be coming up soon - so get ready. Seriously your kids are so cute. I love them. Also Daniel is looking particularly handsome.