Thursday, April 10, 2014

Cache Valley History

I already posted this on my Granat Family blog, but I wanted to include it here as well, because it is something I spent a lot of time  working on lately.


Back in January we attended a different chapel in Logan. It was really old and had some interesting features, like a pioneer painting and a balcony in the chapel. It was there that my interest was piqued. I wondered what other old buildings are in town and what are their stories? So the investigative journalist kicked in and began to research. Here is my story.

I began by checking out tons of books from the library, I marked all the buildings I wanted to find and take pictures of. Finally we planned out an adventurous day with the kids and we went all over town discovering some of these older buildings.
So with that I present Cache Valley Historic Buildings:

Here is the first chapel that started it all.

Here is a photo of John T. Cain's home in Logan
 Here is a picture of the same home from 1910
Many buildings were affected by the 1962 earthquake in Logan. The third story of the store Levens was removed.
Because of this when you go to the second story of this building there is a phantom staircase that goes to nothing. The kids thought this was pretty fun.
 Now a restaurant, this was the site for many travelers to come and go from Logan
 Here is the Passenger Station back in 1890
 In 1891 JR Edwards was a Saloon

 An old chapel in town
Thatcher Home: Moses Thatcher began the first Opera House in Logan, after it burned down he opened the Eccles Theater. This was his home.
 Moses Thatcher Jr.'s home
This was the most expensive home built in Logan. Built for $75,000 in 1907 with lumber imported from Oregon. David Eccles was one of the first multi-millionaires in Utah. This is my favorite house in Logan.
 Here is a shot of the home from 1907
Second Temple in Utah: The Logan Temple was dedicated in 1884
This was something interesting I came across in my reading. When the Logan Temple was remodeled in 1977 they found names written in the walls of people who helped build the original temple. Pretty neat.
 Here is a close up shot
 The Bluebird restaurant on Main Street. It has been in business since 1914.
Interior of Bluebird Restaurant
 In the upstairs of the restaurant, a dumbwaiter
 Now a Skating Rink, this used to be a dance hall in the 1920s
 This is what remains of the Union Roller Mills that began in 1865
 Old home in historic Logan
Another old home near Main Street
Utah State University: Began in 1888

And that is what I learned about Logan and some of its historic buildings. Thanks to the Logan library and Elise for being so into this project that she practically memorized the pictures in the books and helped me find them around town.

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