Monday, April 14, 2014

Fun in the Sun with Family, Football and a trip to the Zoo

The weather was amazing last week and we were able to be out and about. I took the kids to our local zoo. It was fun and also the animals kept coming up to the fence as if to say hi, needless to say we felt pretty popular. We were also lucky enough to have my sister Kirse and her family come and visit on their way home to Washington. This made the kids super excited about seeing their cousins again this summer. Lastly, we went to the annual Aggie Spring Football Game. It was fun and we were happy that over 6,000 fans came out to support the team. This was the highest attendance for a spring game that we have ever had! This makes us excited for the football season this fall! Daniel also finally got his bowl ring for the Poinsettia Bowl Game we won in December in San Diego. It is bigger and better than last years. Fun stuff! We are getting ready for Easter this weekend. Good times!

Hi Monkeys
 coming to say hi

 Hi Duckies
 Feeding the Fish
 Hi Emus

 Hi Turtles
 May cousins walking Elise to school
A little superhero fun with cousins. I think Sullivan was unsure which superhero he wanted to be.
 Boy cousins playing together. Ethan, Carter and Sullivan
Carter thought he was so strong. "Mom I totally pushed the car, I am just like the Hulk." Tim was nice enough to put the car in neutral and let Carter push the car. Thanks Tim!
 Blue and White Game

 Most of the fans were in the entire left side of the stadium
 Bowl Ring!
 Oh yeah!
Until next time...


  1. Great photos of the kids and the ring is of course FAB!

  2. Super fun and fabulous. I hope to come up again and play soon.