Saturday, May 31, 2014

School is Out!

School is officially out for the kids and you know what that means....SUMMER! We surprised the kids with a trampoline for the backyard, they were so excited and that is basically where they have been living for the past week. Updates is that Elise lost her second tooth and Carter has now discovered Dinosaurs. We also went to Wyoming for Daniel's youngest brother Tui's high school graduation. We made lots of candy leis and the kids had fun playing with their cousins. Camping in the backyard will be happening soon along with many BBQs, smores in the fire pit and trips to the Aquatic Center. Until next time!

Carter's last day of school
 Elise's last day of Kindergarten
 Surprise after school!
 Then we put the netting up. I am so happy they make safer ones now
 First time on it
 Water fun on the trampoline
 Playing on the swing

 A BBQ in the backyard
 We made smores after
 Best picture I got in the dark, Elise with a mouth full of marshmallows
 Slip and Slide on Memorial Day

 Eating dinner outside why? because we can
 Making Candy Leis
 Tui the Graduate
 Snagged a quick photo with some of the Magalogo group
 Grad party, Tui with Elise and Carter
 Cousins Nautika and Kayla with their ice cream cones
 Volleyball with the fam
 Carter trying to be the referee
 We are now home and still jumping on the trampoline
Oh yeah we started a garden! More work than I thought, but I am excited for the kids to be a part of it and for things to start to grow.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Birthday Weekend

This weekend we went to Salt Lake and had some fun with friends and family for my birthday. We went to two parks, out to eat, Daniel's band sang at a wedding, ate some yummy pie and cake and even made it back for classes on Monday. Whew! Last week we worked hard on our yard which is looking so nice and is all ready for summer.  Mother's Day was good and the kids each made me a present at school. We are wrapping up our busy May and looking forward to summer. Until then...

Besties at the park: Elise and Kalena
 Swing fun
 Hanging out with the stylish Miss Bailey :)
 Slide fun!

 Bailey and a tan Carter hanging out
 Feeding duckies at the park

 Visiting Grandpa at the hospital after his back surgery
 The girls drew all the princesses and wanted to show them off
Here is my cute birthday card from Elise, her spelling needs some work, but I love that she did it all by herself. Translation: Me and you are together forever. I have loved you for a long time. Thanks for all the things you have done for me. I love you even more than ever. Thank you for even doing our stuff. I love you. 
The back
Here is me thinking of a wish during cake time
My friend Anuhea made this yummy treat for me, it was divine
Here are the presents from the kids on Mother's Day: Carter
 Our backyard after picking weeds and mowing
 Elise enjoying the swing in the backyard
 Crazy hair day at school for crazy Carter!
 I love how it turned out
And so did Carter, he thought he was a super hero villian
 The back
 Poppa helped make it oh so cool

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A Busy May is Here!

This past week and the month of May seems jam packed with baby blessings, baby showers, choir concerts, weddings, graduations, birthdays and oh yeah even more birthdays. It seems like every weekend there is something going on. So in case anyone was wondering May will be a busy month for the Magalogo Family. Last weekend I got to throw a baby shower for my sister in law Sally. It was way fun and I loved how Elise wanted to be a part of all the planning and decorating. We then got to go to Salt Lake for our friends BJ and Anuhea's baby blessing for their new daughter Arianna. Now we are home and are having a busy week with school, doctor appointments, hair cuts and friend's bday parties. Until next time...

Here are some pretty flowers that Elise picked for me from our neighbors garden (with permission of course)
 Baby Shower Food
 After a few guests had arrived
Here is Elise and her bestie Kalena, seriously these girls are the cutest
 Matchy Matchy
 Here is me and Arianna
 She is so sweet!
 Daniel's turn
Proud parents on her blessing day, Anuhea and BJ
Daniel had a choir concert at the Tabernacle in Salt Lake and in Logan. Looking good in his tux (he is on the top row)
I can't get his concert videos to load, will try again later.