Saturday, June 28, 2014

Sister Reunion

This week was full of lots of family visiting. We had ALL my sisters come to visit and some of their kids. Their older kids were on a Grandkid trip in Canada with my parents. So this is where our first Sister Reunion started. The kids played, got sprayed with the hose on the trampoline, played at the park, got a historic tour of Logan, made smores in our fire pit, and ate lots of yummy food and treats. All in all it was a great time! Next week we get to spend even more time together at the Granat Family Reunion. Good times! Also this week Elise lost her third tooth, Daniel's brother Darren and his family came to visit which meant a trip to the Aquatic Center and Carter got a new bike. Until next time....

Whitney and I
Cousins: Bailey, Tate, Elise, Boston, Carter and Sullivan
Elise and Tate waiting for smores
Having a picnic outside
Studly dudes: Carter and Boston
Day 2!
Water fun on the trampoline
Swing time! Sullivan, Carter and Tate
Yummy shaved ice

Bailey loved it
Daniel chopping wood for the fire
Smore time!

Taking a rest from the heat and enjoying some popsicles
Castle park: Bailey looking cute as always
Tate and Elise
Carter the rock climber
Kirse and Bailey swinging
Daniel shooting some hoops with Boston
Elise and Tate
Aquatic Center fun

Elise and Daniel relaxing
Jaz and Carter
Most of the group

Taking a break
Nautika and Carter having a snack

Thursday, June 19, 2014


This past week we went to a new park, got a new niece (yay!), watched our niece Bailey for the weekend while Whitney and Trevor went on their 10 year anniversary trip and we attended Summerfest here in Logan. It was busy and fun! This week we have been trying to figure out what the weather is doing which eventually made us turn the heat on again at the house. Until next time...

They finally finished the new park over by our old house. We were very impressed. I loved the Aggie colors and that there is no more sand!

 I like the flag
Elise sat on this rock and begged me to take a picture while we were out running errands, pretty funny
And it was a shaved ice kind of a day
 Just as good as the ones in Hawaii 

Bailey's visit:
Bailey enjoying the trampoline
 Cousins Sliding
 Bailey and Carter
On our way to Summerfest!
 Face Painting

 Bailey admiring herself
 The group
 FAVORITE picture of Bailey!
 Showing off their pretty faces
 Arts and Crafts

 "It's a princess on a surfboard Mommy"
Our new niece, Meleane
 Uncle Deen is so happy
 Elise wearing her groovy hat for our Mother Daughter Ice cream Activity
 Elise and Mommy (Twinners!)
 Until next time.....