Monday, June 9, 2014

"Just Keep Swimming...."

This past week we had our friends BJ and Anuhea come up to visit. It was fun to BBQ and go swimming at the Aquatic Center with their family. The kids had a check up at the dentist, Elise went to a water party for one of her classmates and we even got to go swimming again at Crystal Hot Springs with Daniel's cousin Eldon and his family. Good times! We are just enjoying the summer, staying cool and eating lots of popsicles. Until next time :)

Carter, Kalena and Elise playing in the backyard
 Popsicle break
 Trampoline fun
 Elise's turn
 Cheeseburgers are all ready :)
 Seriously when did these girls start looking so old?
 Jamming out to our favorite song right now, "Rude"
 Aquatic Center (Apparently I had sunscreen on my camera lens)
 Carter loves going down the slide by himself
 Daniel going down the fast slide

 Elise, Carter, Daniel, Kalena and Pomai
 Anuhea and baby Arianna's first time in the pool
Elise went to a fun water party at her friend's house. I love how the moms pointed out that Elise was fearless about going down the slide. :)
Crystal Hot Springs

 Daniel and the kiddos
 My favorite girl who always poses for the camera
 Coming out of the slide
 Elise's turn
 Playing in the pool with Poppa
 The group
 Movie Night: Complete with a fort, popcorn and chocolate.
Oh and on that note, miraculously Elise and Carter had no cavities at their dental check up this week. Woo Hoo!

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  1. Let the summer fun continue!!! I can't wait to play in the sun more! Great fun and photos as usual!!!