Saturday, May 31, 2014

School is Out!

School is officially out for the kids and you know what that means....SUMMER! We surprised the kids with a trampoline for the backyard, they were so excited and that is basically where they have been living for the past week. Updates is that Elise lost her second tooth and Carter has now discovered Dinosaurs. We also went to Wyoming for Daniel's youngest brother Tui's high school graduation. We made lots of candy leis and the kids had fun playing with their cousins. Camping in the backyard will be happening soon along with many BBQs, smores in the fire pit and trips to the Aquatic Center. Until next time!

Carter's last day of school
 Elise's last day of Kindergarten
 Surprise after school!
 Then we put the netting up. I am so happy they make safer ones now
 First time on it
 Water fun on the trampoline
 Playing on the swing

 A BBQ in the backyard
 We made smores after
 Best picture I got in the dark, Elise with a mouth full of marshmallows
 Slip and Slide on Memorial Day

 Eating dinner outside why? because we can
 Making Candy Leis
 Tui the Graduate
 Snagged a quick photo with some of the Magalogo group
 Grad party, Tui with Elise and Carter
 Cousins Nautika and Kayla with their ice cream cones
 Volleyball with the fam
 Carter trying to be the referee
 We are now home and still jumping on the trampoline
Oh yeah we started a garden! More work than I thought, but I am excited for the kids to be a part of it and for things to start to grow.

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  1. Serious fun!!! I can't wait to come and visit. How beautiful is Elise on the swing. Love if so much!!!