Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A Granat Family Reunion: Day 4

Our last day of the reunion was a free day. Some people went golfing, others went swimming and some watched movies. We then got together for a photo shoot with all the Grandkids. They each made a shirt. On the shirt was written QB (for Quarterback) and a # for which order grandchild they are. Skipper of course is their coach. Enjoy :)

Here is the group!
Daniel helping Carter make his shirt
 He's QB #11
 Elise's turn
 QB #8
Ethan, Sullivan and Boston showing off their shirts
Group shot
Siblings: Sullivan, Karina and Ethan
Golfing fun
Trevor and Daniel looking like studs
Popsicle time for Elise and Boston
Carter too
The Badminton net is set up
Skipper teaching the kids how to play

 More swimming fun

 I love how Elise is posing with her arms even though she is laying down :)
 Carter loves the pool
 Watching Frozen with cousins..."Let it go, let it go..."
 Elise made her very own picnic
 A little fun while out shopping
A little dance party just before bed.
Guess what? There's more to come. We stayed even longer after the reunion was over. Good times!

A Granat Family Reunion: Day 3

Day 3: The Fourth of July!

At the Parade: Carter
Miss Bailey looking oh so fly
Family shot
Getting some shade
Carter and Lexi
Sullivan sporting his Save Ferris shirt for the float
So my sister Lauren was in charge of her stake's float this year and wanted to do something fun. Way fun, and Ferris Bueller style. My brother Brinn was Ferris and Lauren was one of the dancers. They had such a good time and even won for best church float.
Twist and Shout
Showing of the trophy
 I loved her quote on the back of the float
BBQ after the parade at Lauren's house
 Swimming fun for all the cousins

 Then a HUGE water fight!!!!

Ouch Kirse!

 Okay so I thought this was hilarious, Elise gets sprayed with water and promptly yells, "You're on my list!"

 Lexi, Addison and Karina drying off
 Yummy BBQ
Sparkler fun!

Fireworks show in Idaho Falls
And that was day 3!