Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A Granat Family Reunion: Day 1

Day 1: A group of 29 of us including spouses, kids and parents had a fun filled week in Idaho Falls. We took daily adventures together. We started at Downata Hot Springs in Idaho and checked out the small town in Downey Idaho where my Mom's dad grew up. Enjoy :)

Living it up in the big pool

Taking a break from swimming
 Kirse, Lauren and I
 Coming out of the water slides: Sullivan and Ethan
 Elise went down the slides like a million times
 This was my favorite, watching my Dad come down the slide
 Great job Skipper!
 Aunt Lauren helping Carter out of the pool after his turn down the slide
Splash Pad there too
Cousins: Ethan, Tate and Elise
Carter ready to go down the smaller slide
 Cousins: Karina and Elise
 Having some snacks
 We had a birthday party for Austin while we were there
First pioneer home in Marsh Valley: My great great Grandmothers. Built in 1866

An old bell next to the cabin: Elise and McCall
My Grandfather, Lynn Dewey listed on this monument for serving in WWII, outside of his chapel in Downey.
And on to day 2!

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