Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A Granat Family Reunion: Day 2

Day 2: Bear World and Big Juds in Archer Idaho. 

Trying to get a group shot of all 15 grandkids at the Bear World entrance

Carter, Sullivan, Elise and Tate going on a ride

 I throw my hands up...

How many kids can fit into one ride? One of my favorite pictures from the trip
 All the grandkids took one train ride together. Pretty cute
Carter and Lexi
 Choo Choo
We took a little break while the kids were on the rides and this was the result :)
 Sister selfies!

Petting Zoo

 A Peacock
Then off to Big Juds in Archer Idaho. It might have been just a little crazy, with 14 adults and 15 kids eating out at a restaurant. Thus I did not take a lot of photos.
 Here are Trevor and Whitney getting ready to share their big burger. Yummy!
And that was Day 2!

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  1. We look good! Ha! Can we hang out together soon please?!