Friday, August 15, 2014

August Adventures

The last few weeks have been full of visitors and the Magalogo Family have been enjoying the summer before school starts. We had Elise's bestie Kalena come and stay with us for a few days. We also had Daniel's brother Deen visit, my sister Whitney along with my niece Bailey and even my parents came for a quick trip. Good times! Enjoy some pics.

Kalena and Elise
 Elise got her very own library card this day, she felt very cool

 Movie in the park

 Bear Lake

 Getting sprayed with some water on the trampoline

 Camping in the backyard
 Fire in the backyard and counting stars
Playing at what I call, Aggie park

 Another day, another park

 Splash pad and park fun!

Castle park with Bailey
 Elise showing off her rock climbing skills
 Elise reading to Bailey
Very cute :)


  1. Great times and photos! Enjoy seeing Christmas jams too!!

  2. So fun! We definitely need to come up soon since Bailey brings up going to see you daily.