Friday, August 22, 2014

Food and Football

Well it's that time of the year again when Aggie Football starts and for the first time we have a garden and fruit trees that are starting to produce some yummy food. Enjoy some pics :)

One of our apple trees
Our Grapevine
One more apple tree
Zucchini and green onions from our garden
My little chef ready to help make cinnamon rolls on a Sunday afternoon
This was a family affair and ended up taking almost 3 hours
They were delicious though!

One week later, look how big our zucchini are growing now!
Aggie scrimmage game

Aggie Fan Day. 9,000 people attended this year. It was hot and lots of crazy fun!

The kids posing with their bud Blue
Tattoo Time

Blue only went down the slide with one kid and that was Carter. So cute!
Down on the field after the game
Autograph time with the team

Carter was so excited to see Chuckie Keeton
The players were super nice to the kids

One player even said to Elise, "what's up beautiful?" Super cute
We might have gotten the entire team's autograph :)
Quarterback Chuckie Keeton #16
Daniel heads to Tennessee with the team next weekend for their first game. Good luck Aggies!


  1. Looks like loads of fun!!! Love all the Aggie pictures!

  2. Aggie Pride! So Fun!!!! Also, please make me some cinnamon rolls when you have a spare 3 hours.