Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A Broken Bone

Well it happened, there is no going back. Elise broke her wrist. It was at the last recess of the day and she was on the bigger kid playground at school and fell off the monkey bars. Dang you monkey bars! I have never liked monkey bars, true story. We thought maybe it was sprained, but the next morning she said it was still hurting so I took her to insta care. At the insta care the nurse who first took us back thought it was probably a sprain because of Elise's happy attitude and that she was able to move it. Jump to about 30 minutes later. Elise gets x-rays taken and in fact it's broken. The nurse actually came into our room to tell me how brave Elise was because she said most kids who come in with a broken wrist do not act anything like she did. So there you have it, we have one tough little girl! She is slowly realizing all the stuff she can't do, but so far she has been a good sport about it. Mostly we are happy that she should have her cast off right before Halloween and right around the time when the baby comes. I mean I need my helper, right?! So here are some pictures of our broken wrist adventure. Also this week I got my hair done and we attended the White Out Football Game for Utah State. We won again, which is always enjoyable. Daniel heads to Arkansas this weekend for our next game. Until next time.....

She was sad about her wrist
But then cheered up as we were getting ready to go to the Football Game because her Cousins and Uncles from Wyoming would be there.
They were really nice when she got her cast on
Elise got very excited for the glitter glue to go over her pink cast
Ta Da! 4-6 weeks here we come!
Before: It must have been a good angle because I think I look about 14 years old here and not about to have a baby. Lol
After. We cut off almost 4 inches and dyed it a little darker.
White Out Game: Cousins Kayla and Elise

Carter and his Uncle Tui and Uncle Deen
Here are some silly pics of the kids while we were waiting for Daniel to get his hair cut.
Carter had just gotten his hair cut and was super itchy from it, thus he is shirtless in these shots.
Silly faces
Scary face
No I'm serious don't take a picture of me....

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