Tuesday, September 9, 2014

September is here

Carter has now gone back to school. Just half day, but so far so good. He is liking making new friends. This past week we attended the first Aggie home game and I took Elise on a historic homes tour here in Logan. It was funny because I knew she would love it and when I called to find out how much tickets were for kids they said, "Kids don't usually like to come." I said well my daughter is a special girl who appreciates history. So there we were going from house to house and she was indeed the only kid on the tour. It was good fun! Except I forgot that old houses equal lots of small steep staircases. He he! That was hard for this pregnant lady. Until next time.

Our handsome boy on his first day of school
Looking very tan Mr. Carter
 They get to leave at the same time in the mornings now :)

 On his way
 Carter practicing his swing in the backyard with his clubs
 Nice shot!
 A little popsicle treat, Carter didn't want his picture taken :)
 Elise showing off all the fun things that are growing in our garden. Our first onion!
 Football practice with Poppa

Here is Elise looking so pretty in her Emmy dress as I call it
 Our first Utah State home game
 We won!
 Woo Hoo!
 Historic Homes Tour: Our first house
 Here is the same house in 1905
 This house had its own servants quarters and staircase leading up to it
These cool upstairs windows opened halfway
 This house was my favorite
The old Whittier Schoolhouse that began in 1908
My tour buddy


  1. I want to go on that tour! Love the pictures of those cute kidlets.

  2. They are growing up so fast! Make is stop!!! They are so freaking cute. Love them. You are a great mom to help make Elise so special. You are fantastic!!!

  3. Ah, September. The month of new beginnings and home tours. Loved the pics, next year maybe Marilyn and I will drive down together and join you on the home tours!