Sunday, November 30, 2014

Gobble, Gobble, Gobble...

This was the second year in a row that we hosted Thanksgiving dinner. Mostly because in the Football World you always have to work on Thanksgiving. So alas Daniel had to work a little. I would like to do a special shout out to Daniel for pretty much doing all the Thanksgiving cooking by himself, you rock! I did all the decorating and helped watch the 9 kids that came for Thanksgiving. That's right 9 kids and 6 of them are 3 and under. Our friends BJ and Anuhea and Eldon and Jen and all their kids came up for the festivities. The kids had fun playing outside and inside literally playing with anything and everything. The boys watched some football while the girls watched a girlie movie. It was a good time so much so that everybody was completely exhausted. After our company left we went up to Wyoming for the weekend to see Daniel's family. Good times!

Elise wearing her Thanksgiving Day attire
Carter had fun at his Pre-school Thanksgiving Feast
 Monroe's 1st Thanksgiving
 All ready to eat
Happy Thanksgiving from these three turkeys
Um...I really really like pumpkin pie in case anyone wanted to know
 Elise's Turkey she made at school
 Carter's turkey that he made at school
 Kalena loves to hold Monroe
I promised them some reddi wip in their mouth to get this pic. True story
 Kids table
Selfie fun with Jen, a sleeping Monroe on Anuhea, and Me

Okay so I decided to take a picture of the girls and I couldn't get over Natalie's smile. CHEESE!!!!
Natalie, Kalena, Elise and Carter
The boys looking fab in all their Utah State gear. Good work Daniel!
Swing time!
 Playing in the leaves
Trampoline fun

We lucked out on our first trip as a family of five, all three kids slept the ENTIRE way to Wyoming!!!!

 Snow in the mountains on our drive
Chillin with Monroe in Wyoming
This is pretty much how I feel most of the time
Someone has started SMILING!
 Smiling sisters!
Because "waking up is hard to do"

Sunday, November 23, 2014

One Month Old

Monroe is one month old. She still mostly loves eating and sleeping. I pretty much hold her all day long, why because I can, lol. I know that these days will go by fast and I want to soak up all of her newborn smells and being so small she can easily fit in my arms. Monroe is following objects with her eyes, looking up when she hears voices and is even smiling a little when we tickle her cheek. As for Elise she has been reading, drawing and singing the Sound of Music like crazy. She is in the highest reading group in her class and is almost at a third grade reading level. We are very proud of her and it's fun to see how much and how quickly she is excelling in school. Carter is doing better and better at pre-school by earning rewards for being a good helper and learning his letters. He is also still in love with Starlord and continues pretending that he is in the Guardians of the Galaxy. Daniel is busy with school and football. The Aggies have won 5 games in a row, woo hoo! Pretty soon we will find out what bowl game the Aggies will attend this year. Good times! As for me I am busy taking care of Miss Monroe and everyone else, in the background at home has been many, many episodes of  Gilmore Girls on Netflix. It keeps me sane on my days with lack of sleep. Plus, hey it was a good show. Until next time, Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Happy One Month Monroe!

Snoozin away
First time at church
All dressed up to watch the Aggies and Poppa on TV
"Sisters, there were never such devoted sisters"

Hanging out in her crib
Most of my pictures are cropped because of when I edit them on my phone, but in this shot you can see she is just a little thing. So sweet!
Sleeping away
Holding her own pacifier
These two kiddos rocked their parts in the primary program. Nailed it!
Mommy and Monroe
I like this one because she fell asleep holding my finger
Sisters hanging out
Elise always wants to hold her sister right after she comes home from school
A little dancing and the Sound of Music before bedtime
Grandpa and Monroe
Grandma's turn
I might need to frame this one
So ever since Monroe was born we thought she looked a lot like Carter. So over the past few weeks I have done some side by side pictures of both of them. The last picture is the best! Enjoy :)

Monroe & Carter
Carter and Monroe
Carter and Monroe....crazy!
I am sure she will get more of her own look, but it is still fun to watch her change everyday.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Playing Catch Up

Here are some pictures from the last few weeks. Highlights included Elise getting her cast off, Daniel's fun trip to Hawaii and best of all new pictures of Miss Monroe. Enjoy :)

Ready to rock and go get her cast off!
She was a little scared of the saw

Getting her cast off
Her first bath without having a trash bag on her arm, yay!
We got school pictures back...they are looking older, especially Carter
We finally got to see the new Ogden Temple
Kiddos are on the left by the water
Elise posing
The Family enjoying "Ew" by Jimmy Fallon and Will.i.Am
Poppa is back from Hawaii! Yay!
And he brought presents!
Elise loves her shirt and necklace
Carter too
and even a cute dress for Monroe, good job Poppa!
Daniel and nephew Kaleb at the game in Hawaii
Daniel and his brother Damon
Kaleb and Damon loved being able to be on the sidelines for the game
Oh and here are some week 2 shots of Miss Monroe

First time in her swing
and asleep in her swing 2 minutes later
The kids playing with their sis before school
Wide Awake
Pretty eyes
First time wearing a bow and dress
Still so tiny and sweet
Until next time....