Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was full of fun traditions. We started the day getting preparations done for Christmas Eve dinner, then we watched It's a Wonderful Life, Monroe rolled over for the first time (at 2 months, crazy), we played with cousins, did gag gifts, opened our crackers (great gifts inside this year), we had Christmas Eve dinner, we did the Christmas Play, fed the reindeer, set out cookies and milk for Santa, and read Twas the Night before Christmas. A busy, but good time! Merry Christmas!

Yay, it's Christmas Eve!
Baby Monroe rolling over for the first time!
Christmas Eve dinner
And here we go....The Christmas Play, performed by the grandkids

The cutest Inn keeper
She nailed her part!
My beautiful niece Leighton
Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus
A Wiseman and the Angel hanging out waiting for their parts
McCall and Merritt
Bailey and Elise wearing their crowns from their crackers we opened
My sister Lauren and I
Feeding the Reindeer: Their wish came true, A White Christmas!

Leaving Santa cookies and milk
The perfect way a house should look on Christmas Eve...AMAZING!

Friday, December 26, 2014

"And May All Your Christmases Be White"

This year we went back up to Idaho for Christmas. The days leading up to Christmas Eve the kids played with their cousins, went to the Idaho Falls Museum to see their Gingerbread House Collection, played scrabble, and ate lots of yummy treats. But mostly they were just so excited for Santa to come and they were hoping for a white Christmas this year. Stay Tuned......

Cousin Fun! Merritt, Bailey, Tate, Carter, Boston, Elise and McCall
Getting ready to watch Frosty the Snowman in their Christmas attire
 My sister Whitney and I looking fab as always :) Ha!
 My niece Bailey looking adorable
 Carter and Elise hanging out by Grammy's Candy Cane Corner
 Everybody wants to hold Monroe: Merritt
 And Aunt Ramona
I LOVE this picture! Cousins Carter and Bailey wearing Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus pajamas
Carter talking to his Uncle Trevor about Super Heroes
Gingerbread and Christmas Displays at the Museum

Our Buddy the Elf hanging out in Grammy's Silver Corner
 Monroe counting down the days
 Cousin Bath fun!
This might be one of my favorite pictures from the trip. Bailey and Carter, intensely playing a game of scrabble.
 Sisters hanging out
 My sweet girl, taking a little nap

Saturday, December 20, 2014

2 Months

We had a very busy week with baking, 2 month check ups, school parties, school concerts (Daniel being out of town) and best of all getting to go to a dance workshop taught by Allison and Twitch from So You Think You Can Dance. It was very cool and they could not have been nicer! Our bags are packed, the Aggies won their Bowl Game and we are off to Idaho for Christmas. Merry Christmas Everyone!

Monroe, Carter and Elise posing in their Christmas attire after church
Do you wanna build a snowman
 3 Kids!
 Elise posing by our sled and skates decoration
 Looking fab for her 2 month check up
 Chillin like a champ while we wait for the doctor: She now weighs 10 lbs. 13 oz.
This Family of Five is all ready for Christmas
 Pajama Day at School
Making cookies with Mommy
Ta Da!
Ready to rock at her school party
 A smiling girl :)
Elise all ready for her Christmas concert

Jingle Bells (Elise is in the middle towards the top)
Allison, Carter, Elise and Twitch
 Warming up
 Carter was their best friend :)
Carter in the front
 Carter free styling in the front
More fun dancing. Carter front left by the stage and Elise was taking a water break
Here is Twitch on Ellen totally talking about us, ha!
Monroe is 2 Months now. She is smiling, cooing, following objects with her eyes, more alert and she has found her hands and likes to eat them, Ha! She's a keeper!

The sleeping girl....

Until next time....