Sunday, November 30, 2014

Gobble, Gobble, Gobble...

This was the second year in a row that we hosted Thanksgiving dinner. Mostly because in the Football World you always have to work on Thanksgiving. So alas Daniel had to work a little. I would like to do a special shout out to Daniel for pretty much doing all the Thanksgiving cooking by himself, you rock! I did all the decorating and helped watch the 9 kids that came for Thanksgiving. That's right 9 kids and 6 of them are 3 and under. Our friends BJ and Anuhea and Eldon and Jen and all their kids came up for the festivities. The kids had fun playing outside and inside literally playing with anything and everything. The boys watched some football while the girls watched a girlie movie. It was a good time so much so that everybody was completely exhausted. After our company left we went up to Wyoming for the weekend to see Daniel's family. Good times!

Elise wearing her Thanksgiving Day attire
Carter had fun at his Pre-school Thanksgiving Feast
 Monroe's 1st Thanksgiving
 All ready to eat
Happy Thanksgiving from these three turkeys
Um...I really really like pumpkin pie in case anyone wanted to know
 Elise's Turkey she made at school
 Carter's turkey that he made at school
 Kalena loves to hold Monroe
I promised them some reddi wip in their mouth to get this pic. True story
 Kids table
Selfie fun with Jen, a sleeping Monroe on Anuhea, and Me

Okay so I decided to take a picture of the girls and I couldn't get over Natalie's smile. CHEESE!!!!
Natalie, Kalena, Elise and Carter
The boys looking fab in all their Utah State gear. Good work Daniel!
Swing time!
 Playing in the leaves
Trampoline fun

We lucked out on our first trip as a family of five, all three kids slept the ENTIRE way to Wyoming!!!!

 Snow in the mountains on our drive
Chillin with Monroe in Wyoming
This is pretty much how I feel most of the time
Someone has started SMILING!
 Smiling sisters!
Because "waking up is hard to do"


  1. I love everything about this - except that I wasn't there. You look ridiculously gorgeous in these pictures. Seriously I would never know you had a newborn and two other crazies. Girl you look good! I can't wait to see all this cuteness in person in a couple weeks! Tell Monroe not to get too grown up on me!

  2. Love the Thanksgiving cuteness times three. I hope to never host a Thanksgiving - 42 years and counting!