Tuesday, December 29, 2015

I'll Be Home For Christmas..."

For the first time The Magalogo Family did their own Christmas at home. I was a little sad not to be in Idaho with my family, but there is something special about it just being your own little family. We had Christmas Eve dinner, crackers afterwards, put out the reindeer food, opened 1 present each, put on new Christmas jammies, put out cookies for Santa and ended the night reading the scriptures with the kids. They all went to bed surprisingly easily. :) Christmas morning was fun with even an impromptu unwrapping break consisting of a dance party. We loved all of our presents and the kids spent the entire day playing with all their new toys. Until next post, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Christmas Eve

Table set for Christmas Eve Dinner

 Almost time to eat :)
 My phone got foggy, but here are the kiddos putting out the reindeer food
 Christmas Eve Jammies
 Cookies for Santa
 Christmas Morning

 This picture to me is the epitome of Christmas Morning
 Monroe loved her Dollie

Dance Party to Run DMC Christmas in Hollis

 Monroe loves this Elephant
New pillow cases
Go Aggies!
 Aaron Rodgers throwback jersey
 Star Wars light sabers were one of the highlights of Christmas
Yay! This was my favorite present, an electric pencil sharpener. No more crying kids at homework time looking for a sharp pencil :)
 All done!

 The aftermath, Monroe loved it!
 She played in this box for about 30 minutes
Elise took her Barbie mall downstairs and tried to put it together by herself, whoa that is a lot of pieces!
 Thanks to youtube tutorial we got it done :)
 Carter set up his own Imaginext town (with some new and old buildings)
Ready to cheer!
Elise singing Jingle Bells in Hawaiian

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

"Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let Is Snow..."

This week the kids have had lots of fun Christmas events at their school which included a Christmas concert. We got slammed with a two day snow storm which accumulated with about 14 inches. The kids loved playing in it :)We also got our tree decorated and Daniel is off to the Potato Bowl Game in Boise....Gooooo Aggies! Until next time...Merry Christmas!

Monroe ready to run errands with Mommy

Elise earned this award at school for her math skills. Since I am bragging Elise has also moved up to a 5th grade reading level. Pretty exciting! Great job Elise!
Dressed for church in their fancy Christmas clothes
Monroe and Elise were matchy matchy
Pajama day at school (Elf on the Shelf)
Carter too (Elf on the Shelf)
Decorating the tree

Elise practicing her Hukilau hula for her Christmas concert at school. (Daniel is playing the Ukulele in the background)
The morning after our big snow storm

 Our candy cane lights almost buried
Playing in the snow after school

 Snow angel time
 Elise's turn
Monroe's first time in the snow

I think she liked it!
Snowball fight!
School Christmas Concert (Elise front right)
Elise on the left, second row
Carter is on the top right
Carter on the right front

Monday, December 14, 2015

Christmas Lights in the City

We took the kids on a fun day trip to the City of Salt. We went to Christmas in Color with my sister Whitney and niece Bailey and then we went to see the lights at Temple Square with Jen and her daughter Natalie.  This past week we also attended our ward Christmas party at church. The kids sang with the Primary and they didn't have very many musical numbers so Carter kindly volunteered. However they didn't really have break dancing music, so he improvised and it was pretty cute. Every week we are getting closer and closer to Christmas, we are so excited!

Elise, Carter and Natalie

It was fun, not too cold, but it was very crowded, especially for a Tuesday night
Jen and I

Christmas in Color

Playing with Bailey
 Monroe chillin with Frosty
 Christmas cookie time
 Ward Party

 Primary Singing

Carter is definitely not shy to get in front of a crowd