Sunday, January 18, 2015

Jr. Jazz Basketball

This past week Elise started her first sport, basketball. She was so excited that her broken wrist is healed and she can play basketball this season. We had to find her some sporty, yet cute clothes. It was fun and she doesn't even mind waking up super early on Saturdays. She likes to dribble the ball and can guard pretty well, we are working her up to shooting. Daniel of course is her coach and Elise loves it. Carter had an entire week of good days at school, we were very proud of him. He earned all of his stickers and got a daily thumbs up from his teacher. Yay! Monroe is getting close to three months, crazy! She loves to eat her hands, she is sleeping more at night and she can even hold up her own bottle. She's definitely a keeper! Until next week....

Looking super fab at church
She was so happy I couldn't help but snap a few shots

Such a fun dress with sparkles...until the sparkles were everywhere! Ha!

Happy Girl
Chillin with their sis (Monroe is starting to be able to hold small toys in her hands)
Elise holding Monroe before basketball practice
Monroe loves her sister
Monroe loves to talk to Elise
Fitting into the bumbo these days
A group selfie while waiting for Poppa to come out of work
I thought this was cute, Elise organized her colored pencils to match the picture on the box
Hi Mommy!
Taking a power nap
A Zutano girl
All ready for church

 She can hold her own bottle!
Poppa and Monroe
 Jr. Jazz we go!!!!
Practicing before the game
Daniel coaching
Elise's first basketball game. She is #3
Elise is so good at guarding :)

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  1. Great photos. I love listening to Monroe and Elise have a conversation!