Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Monroe's Baby Blessing

We blessed Monroe at church on January 4th.  It was a great day. We were lucky that the weather was clear and we were grateful for all the friends and family that came. I am happy she got to wear the blessing dress that all the Granat Granddaughters have worn (including Elise). Enjoy some pictures from our fun filled family weekend, including lots of food, sledding and Monroe's baby blessing. Enjoy :)

My favorite picture from her blessing day
 I love how awake and alert she was this day
Our first official family of five photo (Monroe wouldn't keep her booties on)
 A little photo shoot with Mommy

 Cousins (Only 4 months apart) Mele and Monroe hanging out
 It's sledding time!!!!
 Cousins: Elise and Kayla
 Carter was not afraid at all
 After sliding down Old Main Hill with Poppa
 Elise LOVED going fast
 Saying Hey at the bottom
Here is a video montage of our sledding adventure
Cousins: Bert and Carter
Daniel sledding
 Cousins: Elise and Mya
Besties Kalena and Elise performing a concert
New Besties, just 6 months apart Arianna and Monroe chillin in the crib together
 Until next week....

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