Saturday, February 7, 2015

Fun in February

This past week the weather has been freakishly amazing. A year ago when we moved into our new house there was at least 8 inches of snow in the backyard. So the kids have been out and about playing. We have also been happy with the cheaper gas prices. I think that this is blog worthy because it hasn't been this low in over 10 years. The lowest we have seen is $1.59 per gallon. The kids had a dental check up this week and they are cavity free. Whew! We also took a fun quick weekend trip to Salt Lake. I couldn't believe that I had not been to Salt Lake in 8 months! Seriously how did that happen? Anyways we had loads of fun and got to see some friends and family. If it was a longer trip we would have been able to see more people. Next time, next time.... I am already planning. :)

Playing outside
Wee! (Great haircut Carter)

Playing on the tramp
I taught Elise the art form of photo bombing, ha!
I snapped this the other day while Monroe was sleeping in my arms. Time is going by so fast and as cheesy as it sounds I am literally trying to soak it all up :)
Be Mine
Getting excited for her first Valentine's Day
Happy girl

Monroe actually fell asleep while sucking on her two middle fingers. She is the first one of my kids to do this. So sweet!
Chillin in her bumbo with her favorite dollie
Aloha Friday
Playing lots of Candy Land these days
Dads and Donuts activity at school
A snazzy outfit for school
Dentist time

Carter, Monroe and Poppa hanging out
He loves his sister
A shot of lower gas prices
Elise got to go church with her bestie Kalena
Kalena, Monroe, Elise and Arianna
Superbowl Part---ay
The decor
Some of the food

Whitney had a lot of food at her house too. So fancy! Well done! So festive!
Another highlight to my week was the Saved By The Bell Reunion on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. I have seriously watched this clip a dozen times! I love the signs, the dancing, the "I'm so excited," the cell phone, the time-out, and the friends forever song.... so well written...awesome!!!!!!!


  1. I'm so excited! I'm so scared! Ha! Fabulous post as always!!! Love the new photo bomb fun and Monroe continues to be ridiculously adorable. We need to come up and play soon!!!

  2. Love all the great photos!Those kids are all growing up so fast!