Monday, February 16, 2015

Happy 5th Birthday Carter!

Happy 5th Birthday to our crazy Carter! Seriously how could you be 5! I feel like time is on the fast forward button sometimes. My little baby Carter is getting older, it is a little sad but exciting at the same time. Carter is always excited for anything and everything. Whether it is an activity, a new toy, a game, dancing or even making cookies, he always down for a good time. Carter loves super heroes and recently has fallen in love with the movies Guardians of the Galaxy and Big Hero Six. He is growing every day at pre-school this year. He has made great progress at school we are very proud of him. He can tell stories or movie plots for days and days if you let him. Ha! He also loves to imitate anything that he sees. Lastly we love his appetite for life and that he never wants anyone to feel left out. "Come over to my house, my Mom won't mind," Ha! We love you Carter, Happy Birthday! Love, Mommy, Poppa, Elise and Monroe

Baby Carter

1 year old
Blowing Kisses
2 years old
 Starting to talk more
3 years old
Shooting baskets
4 years old
Go Aggies!
And this is what 5 looks like
 Here we go.....


  1. Happy Birthday Carter man!!! Love you! So cute with all the pictures. I can't believe he's five!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. Trust me - it is the fast forward button! Such a cute and wonderful and crazy boy.