Monday, April 27, 2015

Happy 6 Month Birthday Monroe!

Monroe is now 6 months old and is weighing 20 pounds 6 ounces, our biggest baby yet! She got her first tooth on the bottom, is starting to wave, fits in 6-12 months clothes, 9 month size fits best. She can finally grab her own feet and is eating like a big girl in her high chair. Elise has lost her other front tooth and is now rocking a sweet smile:) I recently took the kids to see Cinderella and I was literally smiling the entire time. It was really well done and had such a nice message, definitely two thumbs up! As for us we have been enjoying the weather when it's nice and we even had a crazy spring snow storm last week! Only a few more weeks of school left for the kiddos. I feel summer is finally near.....

Happy 6 month birthday Monroe!
Love her smile and her leather skirt :) Loving those thighs!
 Elise officially has a toothless smile
 Looking great!
 We spend a lot of time on the tramp, playing volleyball while sitting down
 Daniel's Bowl Ring finally came
All three rings from the last three years
One of the best movies I have seen in a long time. If you haven't taken your daughters it's a must see.
Castle park fun with Carter and Monroe
 Gorgeous day, I even got sunburned this day
Rock climbing
. Then two days later....this happened.
 April 15th
Holding her own bottle like a champ
Dreaming away
Trying to take selfies in the bright sun on the tramp
 Our very own Scientist Marie Curie for Leadership Night at school
She nailed her part!

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  1. She is growing up too fast. That leather skirt is ridiculously amazing!!! Love it. What a fun and busy household you have. Hopefully we can come up and play soon,