Thursday, April 2, 2015

It's a Hard Knock Life For Us

Okay so it happened again, Elise broke a bone on the school playground at recess. It happened almost six months to the day since her last one. We of all were the most surprised, but we knew this one was worse because of how much more pain she was in. We found out that she has a spiral fracture on her tibia (the bigger bone in the leg). Apparently you have to hit your leg pretty hard to get that type of a fracture so we all felt really bad for her. Not to mention the fact that a broken leg is a whole other ball game compared to a broken arm. She can't do much and she has been spending a lot of time at home. She did eventually go back to school, but luckily we got a wheel chair for her to use. She has crutches, but they seem pretty tricky for a 6 year old. I however am getting pretty buff from carrying her around. So far she had a splint on for almost two weeks due to some complications from her injury, but luckily she didn't need surgery which is what they thought the first week. She now has a cast that goes above her knee. Eventually she will get a short leg cast and then a boot. This has been a long few weeks, but we have just been taking it a day at a time. Her entire time to recover will be three months. In happier news Spring Football has began, Monroe turned 5 months old and Carter continues to have good days at school. Yay! The kids are looking forward to Easter this weekend. Until next time....

Her X-ray of her break
Going to Idaho in style
 Enjoying the party at Grammy and Skippers
 At her first follow up appointment: Mom why do you have to take a picture?
 This is how you play in your room when you have a broken leg
 A pile of letters from her entire class, so sweet!
Finally got her cast! Black of course! Doesn't get dirty and looks pretty fashionable. Well as fashionable as you can be with a cast,

 A pedicure for Elise by Mommy
 We got some cool oil based metallic sharpies
 This is Elise in happier times, picture day, just hours before she broke her leg.
 Carter's picture too
 Look who is 5 months and looking fab! :)

 Love this cool new wrap

 Trying rice cereal for the first time
 Playing with Mommy before bedtime

 Such a sweetie


  1. What great photos. Loved seeing Monroe try rice cereal!

  2. Love the pics! I have been meaning to txt and see how Elise has been doing. It's no fun for everyone when you are cooped up due to injury. Hang in there, the black case is ultra fab. I wish we could see you this weekend but have fun doing the family thing on the other side.

  3. Maybe the best collection of photos and happenings. Not the happiest of occurrences, but fabulous documentation of your busy and fabulous household.