Thursday, April 23, 2015

Wedding Weekend

Daniel's brother David got married and for anyone keeping score that is six Magalogos down and only two more to go. I tease Daniel because I am the youngest, everybody got married before me so he didn't get to attend any Granat weddings (Too bad because Granat wedding were pretty spectacular). Anyways because Daniel is the oldest of nine, I have been in attendance of A LOT of weddings. One thing I can always count on are great musical performances, lots of dancing and great food. The morning before the wedding Elise got her long leg cast off and got a new short leg cast on. We are now six weeks into this broken leg business and we are hoping that we are getting close to the end. Right?! I mean summer is right around the corner! Enjoy some pictures and lot of videos. :)

All Magalogo siblings together for the first time in 5 years
Grandpa and Elise
Pretty Monroe chillin at the reception
Carter wanted to sing along to the music
"All About That Bass"

Wedding cake
Poppa and Monroe
Carter literally danced the whole time! We need to get this kid into some break dancing classes.
Ed Sheeran Song: Thinking out loud
Boys singing Ku'u Aloha
Getting her long leg cast off
It seems scary but actually tickles, ha!
Ta da!
 Black again with sparkles
And here are a few shots of Miss Monroe

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  1. Carter needs to get in some hip-hop dance classes. Or he needs to teach some. Either would be great. That kid has some sweet moves. Super fun as always!