Saturday, May 23, 2015

7 Months

Monroe is now 7 months! She is wearing size 12-18 months size clothes (12 months fits best), she has moved up to size 4 diapers and she is loving all things baby food. She has one tooth and her second is just about to break through. She likes to chew on everything and loves to play peek a boo. She can now sit up by herself and says Mama, I am not sure if this is official or not, but I certainly love it! Lastly, her favorite thing to do is wake up for the day between 5-6am, we are trying to fix this immediately. :) This post is a lot about Monroe and why not she is just so darn cute.

A happy Monroe

Monroe Months 1 -6
7 Months
Loving her excersaucer
Practicing Piano with Poppa
Her don't mess with me face
Trying to get her to say Mama
Chillin in the stroller for the first time like a big girl and not in the car seat
Wearing cool shades and watching Poppa mow the lawn.
Big girl in the bath tub these days
Also sitting up like a big girl - Mom is this okay?
Eating baby food
Looking cute in Zutano Polka Dot
 Trying to show her how to crawl

Chillin with Mommy (Let's note it is 9 am and we had both already been awake for almost 4 hours when this pic was taken)
 All ready for church
Elise showing off her new dress Grandpa brought back from Samoa for her


  1. Love those great photos! My favorite is the carrot video. So very funny!! can't wait to see them!

  2. The "Don't Mess with Me" face is maybe the best thing I have ever seen. I love it and her so much!