Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Springtime and we're feeling fine!

A little of this and a little of that. Nothing too exciting here, just been playing outside, getting casts off and enjoying surprise visits from Blue. We are looking forward to a lot of visitors this weekend. Until then :)

Twinners for church
Monroe taking a snooze during Sunday School

Eating like a big girl in her high chair
Trampoline fun

Carter has finally mastered the cartwheel, yay!
Carter's Karate Moves
Daniel mowed our backyard for the first time this season :)
More tramp fun with Mommy
Our fast first grade reader!
Second cast off day!
 Walking boot now, we are on our way! 4 more weeks, just in time for summer :)
 Hey Cowgirl!
Cute cowgirls at school
 A surprise from USU  Mascot Blue for Elise at school

 The kids went crazy for Blue, the screaming was too loud for Carter
Carter loves Blue, they even had a dance off, it was hilarious
Elise loved her visit

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  1. Super fun!!!! Love that Blue came to school to surprise Elise!!! Love it!