Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Day Trip

We took a day trip to Salt Lake to see family for our nephew's baby blessing. It was fun to see family and eat lots of yummy food.  Mostly I loved how much of a trooper Monroe was that day. She got held by a million people, was the hottest she had ever been and she was still a happy girl:) Only two more days until we have a week of some serious summer fun in Idaho Falls. Here we go.....

We took our first walk with three kiddos and Elise's leg all healed, Yay!
I was happy with these shots I got

 I was noticing in this pic how much darker Monroe's eyes are then Carter's eyes.
Happy Blessing Day!
 Cousins: Elise, Addison and Tate
 Monroe chillin in the grass
 Merritt, Monroe and McCall

 Monroe and Bailey
The girls loved playing with Monroe
 Granat Boys
 Grammy and her newest grandchild :)
 I like that Monroe got the chevron memo
Whitney, Bailey and Trevor
 Boston playing outside
Monroe and Tate
Cousins holding the babies
And then she was exhausted, okay we all were, but it was a super fun day to see family
Until next time.....


  1. How did you have time for all those cute pictures? What cute kids and so nice for Elise to have her cast off!!!

  2. It was a super fun time. Yay for day trips and trips to Idaho!!! Love these cute kids.

  3. How nice that you all got together. I'm not bitter at all.