Thursday, June 18, 2015

Idaho Trip: Part 2

Here are pictures of the second half of our trip. We went to Bear World, played with cousins, went out to eat and were lucky enough to have Daniel join us on our last two days. Enjoy :)

Cousin fun: Bailey, Addison, Lexi and Leighton
Striped fun! Elise and Addison
Group shot
Choo choo

Whitney and Monroe fun

Ramona and Monroe
Grammy's turn!
Pretty sure this is my kids favorite ride

Roller Coaster
I didn't get any good pics of the Bears but here is a Buffalo
This is how Monroe felt on the way home
Sprinkler fun with Cousins

Boston and Bailey
Rocking her first Chick Fil-A experience
Date Night! A 10:00pm movie, this rarely happens :)
We think this girl might be double jointed she is constantly doing the splits
She is also getting very close to crawling...ahhhhhh!


  1. I hope you haven't had your fill of Idaho fun yet! Save some for August!

  2. It was so much fun! Thanks for letting me crash your Idaho adventure. Love you!