Sunday, May 31, 2015

Memorial Weekend

We spent Memorial Weekend in Wyoming and then we enjoyed a week of Elise finishing school and finally getting her last cast off. She is so happy and we are so happy that we can actually enjoy the summer now. Woo hoo!

Memorial Weekend: Monroe trying some watermelon, yum!
House at the ranch
View of the ranch

 Auntie Elizabeth and Monroe

 We finished cooking literally 1 minute before the storm hit. Whew :)
Cousins playing outside

 Drawing with some chalk
 Talofa! Twinners for church
 Elise took this pic, we love how well she can sit up now.
Carter, Monroe and cousin Kayla
And this is how the kids felt on the way home from their fun weekend
Last day of first grade, second grade here we come!
 Yay no more cast!
 I have two legs again, woo hoo!
 Peek a Boo
Cute girls
 I love this sweet girl
 Happy girl
 I took this pic because she had some cute duck lips going on
It's cookie's cookie time! Elise had fun selling cookies and lemonade at the community yard sale.
 Snow cone time!

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  1. Peek a boo is hilarious. What a cutie! Really I loved all the great pictures. They are all growing up so fast!