Sunday, August 2, 2015

Outdoor activities in Cache Valley

One morning the kids woke up freakishly early and it was going to be super hot that day. So.....if we wanted to get out and do something fun it needed to be early. An 8:00 am trip to the park was exactly what happened next. Monroe's first time in a baby swing at the park
She loved it! She kept looking at her feet

We adventured about 20 minutes away to a nearby town, Millville, this cute little town has the best splash pad around here. Woo hoo!

 Elise and her friends Bradlee and Olivia

 Monroe had fun too
 What's so funny guys?
Big girl
 Water fun on the tramp

Love this girl
One of my favorite onesies

Talking away
First time riding like a big girl in a shopping cart
 All dolled up for church :)
This is her new "grumpy" face. We think she realized she can move this part of her face and now she does it ALL the time. Ha! I promise she smiles too :)


  1. Way funny! Where is the smiley girl? Haha love the pictures!

  2. Hahahahahahahahahaha! Fun times and what a funny girl. Love the new grumpy face.