Monday, September 7, 2015

Aggie Football

It's that time of year again, when Football becomes an every day part of life. We attended Aggie Fan Day and the kids scored tons of free stuff, watched an Aggie Scrimmage Game, got autographs and they actually played with some of the players on the field after the game. My favorite was #32 Devante Mays, he seriously played with Elise and Carter for 40 minutes, and they made it on the highlight video with him. It was very cute. We also attended the first Aggie Game against SUU. It was my first time taking all three kiddos to a game by myself. We survived, but I do feel like a deserve some sort of a medal! We were there for almost 5 hours! Good times with the Aggies! We won!

Aggie Fan Day
Devante Mays with the kids
The cutest little Aggie Fan

Showing off her signed poster
Aggie Tattoos

Getting some autographs
Once we finally got to the table for autographs most of the players were gone, so Elise decided to walk around the field and go up to players and ask them for their autograph. It was pretty cute.
Aggies all the way
Elise and Carter made the highlight video from Aggie Fan Day! Carter is at 15 seconds and both of them are at 2:10. :)
Trying to take group selfies
First Game! Team coming out on the field
Monroe and Poppa, who came and said hi for a minute between quarters
Carter was ready for the rain
Pretty Sunset and pretty girls

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