Friday, September 4, 2015

"I Can See Clearly Now...."

Back to School, Back to School for us. Carter has started Kindergarten and Elise is in the Second Grade. So far everything has been great and they love it! Whew:) I love having more me and Monroe time because really that baby is just the best and I still can't get enough of her. Monroe is now 10 months old. She can clap, shake her head no, has 8 teeth, can click her tongue and is starting to bend her knees and dance :) She has now moved up to a bigger car seat and is starting to make more sounds when you talk to her. As for me I finally broke down and went to the eye doctor. I have been complaining about my eyes for over a year now, but I decided being able to see is pretty important, so I took care of it. I now have some sweet glasses and I have been singing this song all week, "I can see clearly now...."

Kindergarten Rocks!
First Day of Second Grade

Here we go...."don't cry Mommy"
 Once we got to her classroom, "Mom you can go, I'll be fine." Another try not to cry moment.
 I'm 10 months, holla!

 New car seat!
This doesn't happen so much anymore now that she has gotten so big. So when she was working on a new tooth and had some sniffles, I snuggled her up :)
 Sisters hanging out
Playing Peek a Boo with Mommy
A little Tinkerbell dress up fun after school, she even did her own make-up. Nice work Elise!
Looking pretty chic for church I say

 More modeling for Carter
Oh yeah and I got glasses! Check me out! "I totally look the part...."
 Elise singing some Karaoke at a block party, she is so focused, ha!

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  1. Such fun! I miss those elementary school days. Sigh....