Friday, September 18, 2015

"Millions of Peaches....."

We have been adapting to school schedules and the weather changing over here. We also took a weekend trip to Wyoming for our new niece's baby blessing. Our peach tree is ready and last year I don't feel like we took enough advantage of it so this year we have been busy, baking, freezing, and canning is next on our agenda. Enjoy some pics....

Monroe is ready for Fall

A happy girl
Snoozing at Grandpa and Grandma's house
I like that she responds to my questions

Chillin at church
She doesn't really perform, but she is still cute
Ready for picture day at school
Looking snazzy for church
Monroe channeling her Jackie O
Toli, Elizabeth and our new niece
Somebody has lost her 8th tooth!
Elise singing a song from Camp Rock
Croquet time!

 They both actually did very well.
 Millions of peaches....
 Yum Yum
Our Plum Tree and Apple Tree are next!


  1. I am SO envious of your peach tree! The pie heavenly!! What a cute smile your Monroe has. She is SO photogenic, just as the other 2 are. Love these pics!!

  2. The pictures are so fun! I wish I could come get some peaches!!