Friday, October 16, 2015

Corn Maze Fun!

Our friends BJ and Anuhea came up to visit for the weekend. We did our normal thing where Anuhea and I run away for a few hours, either shopping, movies, kidless of course.:) It's quite enjoyable. Then the boys hang out and watch games, play poker, and sometimes BBQ. As for the kids they always have fun playing together. I thought that this weekend we should also do something different with both families. We had never ventured out to The West Heritage Center in October before. We went once in April a few years ago for Baby Animal Days, but it was crazy crowded and it was cold. This time it was BEAUTIFUL weather, not very many people and NO LINES! Definitely my kind of experience. Enjoy a gazillion photos of our cute Halloween Kids, enjoying a fun day of a corn maze, hay pirate ship, pony rides and train rides. Enjoy :)

My favorite little pumpkin there
These besties are so cute, they always want to match or coordinate their outfits :)
All six kids: Monroe, Pomai, Elise, Kalena, Carter and Arianna
The babies: Monroe and Arianna
I seriously could have taken pictures here all day
Checking out the map
Here we go....
They were excited
Getting lost

The boys enjoying some kettle corn: BJ and Daniel
Mommy and Monroe
Hay Pirate Ship
Love her
"I know something you don't know...." I was playing with the cool light coming through the fence
Horsey Time!

My kids are whiny, but it's still a cute video
Train we go
BJ and Daniel
Train Ride
Party of Five!

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  1. So glad that you and Hea were reunited as were the kiddos. You are such a fun mom! Love this so much!