Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Happy 1st Birthday Monroe!

This sweet girl turned 1 today. I am not going to lie I am pretty sad about it. However I am so thankful for this last year. Monroe has really been my best pal, we spent hours and hours snuggling up and watching Netflix shows. I held her as much as I possibly could since she was born, because I know how fast the first year can be. I love her so much, we wanted her for some time to join our family and I am so grateful she came when she did. I am also thankful that for the first time I was able to be a stay home mom with Monroe for her first year. As Elise would say "Magical Monroe is the best sister ever." I like to call her mellow Monroe. Any outings we went on this year she was perfect, just so mellow and would always go with the flow. It was awesome! I could go on and on, but Monroe just know how much we love you. You really are the sweetest little girl. Love Mommy. Poppa, Elise and Carter.

Newborn Monroe 6 lbs 15 oz
1 year old Monroe 28.9 lbs
On her actual birthday we got some professional pictures taken of Monroe, we got some real winners, enjoy:)

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  1. How is she 1?! Love that wonderful Miss Monroe!