Monday, October 12, 2015

"I Ain't Afraid of No Ghost..."

It's Halloween time and we absolutely love it! The kids keep wearing all their fun Halloween clothes, costumes are ready and this year we decorated the outside of the house, fun fun! We are very much in the holiday spirit and doing fun activities any chance we get.  This past week we attended a Korean War Memorial Night (a lady from our ward organized the event). It was such a nice night, a fancy meal with some great speakers, then dancing and prizes at the end. Our family won four prizes from our raffle tickets, more than any other table. People kept calling us the lucky table, ha! Also they asked any kids to come up on stage and Carter ran up there first and started dancing, then other kids came up. He is definitely not a shy boy and he loves to show off his moves.

Who you Gonna Call?

She is starting to stand by herself, she does anywhere from 5-10 seconds
 Our little witch
 Coming home from school
 This boy loves Halloween
 Halloween decor
 Outside decorations

It's much more spooky at night...I even added some sound effects to this video, enjoy.
Selfie and filter time. I got my hair done, the color came out darker than I wanted, but it's almost Halloween right?
Elise rocked some laughing gas at the dentist. She was saying some pretty funny stuff.
Utah State vs Colorado State. Went to the White Out Game with my Dad. It was so fun and more relaxing without the kids. True story. They had to stop the game for over an hour because of lightning. We won the game though...whew!

 I had no idea it would be so fancy

The food was sooooooooooo good. The beef was my favorite
Carter showing off his moves. He's in the middle wearing a blue shirt.

Carter's toy he won for dancing on stage
Our winnings. Fruit basket, chocolate, lotion and chapstick.


  1. Love your Halloween decorations! I would love to see Carter dance!

  2. Your house looks amazing! And I love that you won so many prizes. Super fun times as usual.