Monday, November 2, 2015

First Birthday Party!

This little girl was lucky enough to have TWO parties! We had one with Daniel's family who came to town for an Aggie Game and another party the following week with my family. Good times! Monroe loved getting her own little smash cake. We love you cute girl...Happy Birthday!!!!!!

Opening presents with Grandma
Carter assisting
Smash cake time...she wasn't sure what to it :)

Party #2

She starts trying to sing towards the cute

This time she knew EXACTLY what to do

One of her big presents...Carter and Elise have been playing with it too
Wearing Elise's First Birthday dress :)
12 Months!
Chillin at the park during her birthday week
Here is a little sneak peek from the professional photo shoot for Monroe's first birthday. What was fun is that they were taken on her actual birthday. I can't wait to see the finished product!! I will add the pics when I get them to her official birthday post that I did on October 20th.
Carving Pumpkins with our friends the Whitesides
The parents did most of the carving, ha
 Carter getting all the guts out
 Oh and Daniel went to San Diego with the team, He sent me this gorgeous shot...I wasn't jealous at all.
 And he went to our favorite burrito place
 He surprised me though and brought me back one.  That is what they call True Love

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  1. So glad we got to come up and have some fun! Also I want a burrito next time - thank you very much! :)